About us


ISL e-Shop is a professional and independent shop launched by ISL HK LIMITED in April 2011.

ISL e-Shop for our members not only servers, firewalls, and hardware peripheral products, including some high-tech, stable software solutions, technical services and a series of Services.

ISL e-Shop also in the platform, procurement, warehousing, logistics and customer service side 
Surface is very focused in order to provide high quality products and with the low-cost, fast, high-Efficient flow of new customers to fully enjoy the easy lifestyle and affordable options Material experience.

ISL e-Shop to ten years of experience in the industry the company's strong technical support for the IT Backing, combined with high flow inlet cooperation, but with the efficiency of management and supply of goods Supply chain operations and look forward to a larger flow through into the actual situation and the integration of online and offline Meet more users of online shopping.

We provide a variety of safe and convenient payment methods, such as bank transfer, Paypal, etc. To the customer shopping experience both the peace of mind, in the supplier selection, product quality management and Goods storage and other links, ISL e-Shop team of professionals strictly to ensure that Are genuine goods are genuine, so customers can feel comfortable buying. 

ISL e-Shop in the coming days will continue to progress and to provide more and newer priorities quality products and services.